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Cloudy With a Chance of Productivity…

by on Oct.11, 2011, under Administration, Cloud, E-Mail, Hardware, News, Software, UNIX 101, Virtualization

I’ve been waiting, and working.

I’ve been waiting for my work to release a its new product. I’ve been waiting, politely, for my boss to blog about it. I’ve been waiting to show off this new product.

I’ve been working on provisioning, and working with customers on beta testing the new product. I’ve been working on templates, and auto install media, to make everyone’s life easier. I’ve been working on documentation for customers.

I’ve been waiting for, and working on, a VMware vCloud Director based product known as vmForge VDC.

This is cool stuff!

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IPv6 Day Silliness :)

by on Jun.03, 2011, under Administration, Frivolous, News

Well, in honor of IPv6 day, I decided to spurn people along. I created an IPv6 validation badge of my own, and a few other things to prod people to get their providers to switch.

I’ve also updated with a new look. It also shows you a video that warns you of the real and present dangers of not switching to IPv6, or celebrates your IPv6 achievement with an INTERNET classic ;)

Making the pages was fun, especially using php to spit out the various dynamic graphics. In one spot I use a validator lifted from here On the main page i simply have this SetEnvIfNoCase REMOTE_ADDR "^[0-9a-f:]+$" IPV6_USER=1 in my apache config, and check for that variable in my shtml index. I use a php filter elsewhere. This is to test various ways of IPv6 validation. If you see an error, please comment.

Making dynamic graphics was straight out of the php documentation. That language has a function for everything!

No one will accuse me of being a website designer, I hope it’s ugly enough for you.

Anyways, have fun! Happy (pending) IPv6 day!

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by on Mar.30, 2011, under Administration, E-Mail, Hardware, Security, Software, UNIX 101, Virtualization


It’s been awhile.

Recently, I’ve decided to make sure that all of my servers were IPv6 addressable. This was made infinitely easier by working at a forward thinking ISP. So a quick email to our network admin and bam! IPv6 routed to my vlan!
Now, what to do with it?

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by on Aug.21, 2009, under News, Security

People are so curious nowadays… Today I’ve received one NMAP ping from Colorado State (I’m guessing since I recently downloaded NMAP) and one “Version” query from Or at least, I think I have. Oh well, no harm done.

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DNS and you!

by on Jul.31, 2009, under News, Security

Say what you want about Kaminsky. I mean, the man is crazy. However, being on call when your employer, a regional ISP, reboots both the primary and secondary DNS servers, makes you appreciate how important DNS is in the grand scheme of internet things. Granted, his attack is fairly novel, but yeah… I’m glad ISC makes updating BIND nice and easy.

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