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vmForge Virtual Data Center [Ad]

vmForge VDC Advantages

A vmForge Virtual Data Center (VDC) offers more than just server consolidation or private cloud computing. Rapid server deployment, better test environments, high availability, dynamic load balancing, and streamlined disaster recoveries top the list of benefits.

vmForge uses VMware to detach the server operating system from the underlying hardware. By creating virtual machines (VMs), computing resources can be dynamically create to fit any demand. vmForge can help you balance your workloads and more efficiently use your computing, capital, and human resources.

Spinning up new servers within your vmForge VDC is fast and easy. How fast? Well, many operating systems, including Windows, install faster on VMware virtual servers than on raw hardware. You can deploy your own service instances from scratch or use the supplied templates for your new servers. You can further template the server configurations, put them into your catalog and then redeploy in a few minutes.

vmForge VDCs allow you to improve your testing processes, streamlining test procedures and reducing overall time to test. With vmForge, application testing and deployment is reduced from weeks to a matter of hours. You can test in full isolation while using the same environment configuration as your production systems. This allows you to perform software tests on identical servers and in the exact same physical environment used for your production platform. Your test servers can stay isolated from your production servers while still giving you real world proof of concept results.

All vmForge VDCs include VMware High Availability services. vmForge virtualization with policy-based automation balances workloads across computing resources, improving response times and server throughput.

Make better use of your server resources.

The vmForge VDC is able to pool server resources together creating a secure, multi-tenant environment with resources allocated or committed as needed. This efficiently shares the resources across the physical infrastructure for all customers. The system administrator is allowed to create a server layout that is easy to manage, fulfills user requirements, and follows best common practices, all while saving money.


Pooled RAM

vmForge RAMA vmForge VDC pools RAM for use by all of the servers in the group. This reduces the amount of RAM typically “wasted” in a server overbuild. Physical servers are usually overbuilt with the maximum RAM that might be utilized during its lifetime. With a vmForge VDC, you can “right size RAM” for the immediate needs of each server.


Storage Consolidation

vmForge Storage Every server needs storage for the OS, the applications and data. Storage consolidation helps reduce ongoing costs by minimizing the wasted storage. This is done by sizing the server for the true amount of storage required in the short term. Unlike local storage on physical servers, it is easy to add storage to your vmForge VDC as your business grows. vmForge CPU


Efficient CPU Usage

vmForge BandwidthServer applications require variable amounts of CPU at different times. Today’s physical servers come with a minimum of a single 4-core processor. While this amount of CPU will work for most applications, it is often overkill, wasting CPU resources and power. A vmForge VDC consolidates the CPU resources, saving you money while increasing CPU efficiency and reducing power consumption.


Bandwidth for your business

By the byte (transfer) or by the Mbps, ipHouse provides you with high performance bandwidth via redundant connections to the Internet. Our physical infrastructure is connected via multiple, bonded, 1 Gbps connections to our core network and the vmForge platform. Bandwidth can be provided to your vmForge VDC directly, through a VMware vShield Edge device, or through a Fortigate firewall.


The vmForge difference

vmForge VDCs provide the flexible advantages of traditional cloud computing without the drawbacks. A vmForge VDC lets you add and subtract resources from your pool as needed and know, in advance, how your monthly invoice will be affected. You will also know the location, manufacturer, and quality of the hardware on which your servers are deployed.


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